Sunday Sexy Snippet. Something new.

New SexySnippets_ButtonWelcome to this holiday Sunday Sexy Snippet. Thanks to the Nuthouse Scribblers for the weekly challenge to offer seven sentences from a work in progress or published work. Click the logo to visit the scribblers.

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My snippet today comes from something new. My next short story for

the Sexy to Go Series.

I do hope you enjoy this little snip from a shifter story involving cats.

 “The potion you ruined is ‘Cat Cause’ and tonight when the moon is high, you, my servant will become a she-cat. For how long I cannot tell as I did not see the extent of potion your skin absorbed. Five drops are enough for a year, a whole palm of the stuff may even make the change permanent.” The magician grinned and reached down to stroke over Marmalade Tom’s fur again.

The ginger tom stared wide-eyed in her direction and flicked his tongue over his lips.

A new flash of horror ran over her. “I won’t be his mate.”

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