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It is with great pleasure I join the Gemini Girls blog hop. This post will be up until New Year’s Day as part of the hop. Click the image above to take you to the Gemini Girls site.

There are lots of goodies if you follow the hop link above. A grand prize of $25 from Liquid Silver Books.

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There are also giveaways from other authors and as my giveaway on the blog I am offering one commentator here a copy of A Gentleman’s Folly and Your Heart My Soul. The winner will be chosen on New Year’s Day. The winner of the grand prize will be selected from all the comments on all the blogs so make sure you leave your email address.


The kiss scene below is from my latest story, Valentine Wishes, an adult fairy tale, to be published by Liquid Silver Books on the 10th of February 2014.


Cedar reached for her hand, clasped it and bent to press a kiss on her wrist. The tingling romped over her in a racing wave.

This is the badest I’ve ever thought I could be.

He stood straight and tilted his head to one side. His delicious smile forced her to watch motionless, though she knew he was about to kiss her.

Yes, Cedar. Kiss me. Now.

“Tell me about this accident,” he whispered against her ear and pressed a soft kiss to her cheek.

She lifted her arms to wrap them around his neck, angled her face and unable to resist the temptation, she brushed her lips against his.


He embraced her, cradled one hand at the back of her head, warmed her lips with his and as she opened her mouth he made her whimper as he swept his tongue against hers. She clung hard to him for her knees wobbled and warmth flooded through her body. All her imaginings among the flowers weren’t half as good as the real thing.

You can see the new cover art for this story on the 3rd of January at my face book page and on the 4th of January here on my blog. Links below.





Day 2 of the Christmas Blog.

2 December

Thanks to Daisy for inviting me to take part in her Advent Calendar.

Growing up in England, Advent Calendars were a vital part of the run-up to Christmas – especially when the calendars came out with the little chocolates behind each flap.


I live in New Zealand now, where Christmas falls in the middle of summer, and chocolate has to be kept in the fridge, otherwise it melts into a sticky mess. The idea of a treat every day though, that still works.

And so my treat to you, is one copy of my latest release A Handful of Wolf (Snowdonia Wolves #2). Daisy can select a commenter at random for the prize. It’s topical too. Although my wolves are based in deepest, darkest Wales, this story is set in sunny Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. Sasha Llewellyn has been working here for a few months and plans to return home soon… that is, until he meets Megan. His wolf is convinced she’s his Mate, but the man is not so sure. And as for Megan, a human… can he win her love and introduce her to his highly secret world?

Sasha & Megan

Since most of Sasha’s story takes place in Wellington, the compact and thriving capital city of New Zealand. I though it would be fun to feature a different part of the city – especially those mentioned in the book – on each tour ‘stop’. Come and join me on a truly unique virtual tour of Wellington.


In this extract, Megan and her friends have taken Sasha to their favourite night club, Might Mike’s. To his astonishment, it’s populated mainly with shifters.


Sasha stuck by Megan’s side while she tossed down shots with the girls, and as she tottered on unsteady heels toward the stage. “Howlin’ Wolves are on next.” It took a moment before he realized she meant the live act. There were howling wolves all around, mixing easily with the very bohemian crowd. He felt like a hick. He’d never seen so many tattoos or piercings, and the way they knocked back their drinks made him feel distinctly uneasy. Shifters usually had a higher tolerance for alcohol than humans, but even these wolves were off their heads. How did Megan and her friends keep up? He clung to his half empty bottle of beer like a lifeline.

The band members were all wolves and played loud, fast rock music that ignited the audience. Before the opening chords finished, there was a surge toward the stage and Sasha automatically caught hold of Megan before she was knocked over. Lou and Nessa took position on the edge, but Megan wanted to be in the center, despite the jostling and pushing from the other dancers. He moved to stand behind her, arms circled around her waist and shielded her as best he could. She was in the perfect position for him to nuzzle her hair and he took advantage and buried his nose deep in the soft, brown waves. She snuggled closer to him and his cock sprang to life. She couldn’t miss the hard ridge pressing against her ass. When she ground against him with her pelvis, he groaned. This was torture of the sweetest kind.

Another rub against his hard-on, and he retaliated. He slipped both hands under the trailing edge of her top and found warm, silky bare skin. Velvet. With both palms against her flat stomach, he held her even closer and nuzzled the back of her neck. Her dancing faltered and she trembled. Christ, she felt good in his arms. It didn’t matter that they swayed together amidst a crush of sweaty dancers, she had his sole attention. Her throat was just a breath away. He kissed a slow path up the side of her neck, over the shell of her ear, and down again with a nip to her earlobe. The taste of her skin was like a drug. His blood heated and pulse surged, and he had to go back for a second taste. Her caramel scent intensified and exploded in a burst of sensation on his tongue. There had to be something in the smoky atmosphere that was melting his synapses. He wanted to bite her neck. The urge to mark her thrummed in his veins, pounding at his consciousness. His wolf urged him on, scratching at him, demanding that he claim her.


Claim her?

As in claiming a Mate?

He was drunk. He had to be. It was the only explanation.

A Handful Of Wolf  from Liquid Silver Books.




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