Summer Sighs.

 wet guyI’m sure this beautiful and summertime view got your attention.

Today you can find me at with my post Summer Sweetness & Sweat.

My days since I returned from vacation have been very busy. I shall have lots of news for you soon on several ongoing projects. Am I going to produce a newsletter? Certainly not yet.

I hope you all catch a few warm rays today even if you are in winter where you are.

Summer sighs for the pleasures of;

ice-cream melting over fruit in cold dishes,

birds waking me at dawn with their calls,

days spent walking barefoot, eyes eager for sunsets gleams of fire and gold.

The hay field sways with the kiss of the breeze

and I revel in the love that will never grow old.

Thanks for reading

Daisy Banks


Don’t let the wicked thieves win.

This isn’t the post I’d intended for today but I wanted to share this experience instead.

Most of you know I care for my Mom full time. The other stuff I do is meant to keep me functioning as an adult human. Some of it works.

There are times in the day when Mom is settled and happy watching TV, where I can  make a twenty minute dash to the local shops. This is simply so we have food on the table and all the other necessities .

Yesterday, as I got to the car I realized I’d forgotten something so came back. Mom was talking on the phone to someone. I guessed either the GP or perhaps the local pharmacy had called, both are very good at dealing with Mom, but as I listened to Mom’s repeated answers while the call continued that wasn’t it. I got close enough for Mom to see me. She waved the phone and said, “I can’t understand this woman. What does she want?”

After listening  on the phone for a moment or two, to a woman who told me she was a registered Microsoft member of staff, I grew horrified. This was a Phishing call; someone trying to get information for nefarious reasons regarding my computer—not only that, the wicked individual in her quest for details had tried to interrogate my eighty-two year old mother.

Incandescent doesn’t quite hit the mark.

I hope you understand when I say I am proud of myself that I didn’t swear and give the person a savage blast of the best curse words I know. I explained I couldn’t understand her well, said thank you, and put the phone down.

I know the people who get lured to work in this ugly and negative industry, one that simply causes pain for those abused, are poorly paid and work hours that should be banned. They have my sympathy and I hope soon their work environment improves their life opportunities. However, my disgust at any human being prodding a geriatric woman to try to get details of a computer is beyond calculation.

After few minutes to calm down I reported the call to the appropriate bodies. Not because I lost anything other than my cool, but just to let them know these people are currently targeting the area I live in. Will reporting the call do any good? I don’t know, but if it stops one other elderly person being abused in the way Mom was, then the report wasn’t wasted.

No graphics in this post as I simply couldn’t find one that might show you how I felt. All I can say is; if you fear any of your loved ones might be targeted by these people, try to teach them to be wary and cautious, explain they don’t have give any information and that the best thing they can do is to put the phone down. That way these wicked thieves can’t win.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks

Sunday Sexy Snippets. Cover Reveal.


New SexySnippets_Button

Welcome to Sunday Sexy Snippets, and thanks to the Nuthouse Scribblers for their weekly challenge to offer seven sexy snippets from a work in progress or published work. To visit the Nuthouse Scribblers please click on the logo.

Please be aware Sexy Snippets often contain 18+ material. By continuing to read you acknowledge you are over 18.

 My Sexy Snippet this week includes a cover reveal for the forthcoming Paranormal story collection from the group of authors who write for Sexy To Go, and a snippet from my story in the collection, Cat Cause.

Paranormal STG

I love this cover designed by the very talented author Tara Quan. I hope you all like it too.

I hope you all enjoy this snippet from my story Cat Cause.


Tom stretched out his front legs and opened a set of strong claws in both front paw pads as he arched his back.

Izzy froze. Perhaps if he grabbed her she wouldn’t want to escape those strong paws.

He rose and bristled his fur as if to emphasize his muscular bulk. His tail stood tall with the tip twitching. “I dare say if I find a mouse small enough for you, kitten, I might bring it back.”

Her stomach rumbled again but she kept her mouth clamped shut.


The Paranormal Edition of Sexy To Go will be available very soon. I’ll let you know when.

Below is the list of authors taking part in this week’s Sexy Snippets. Do visit them too and enjoy some fabulous hot snippets.


List for Sunday 3rd July

Mackerel Sky


Mackrel Sky

Since I have been back home from my holiday I have seen skies like the one in the image above. This cloud formation is one known to older people and some younger ones too, as Mackerel Sky, because these clouds look like the fish scales on a Mackerel. The first English written reference to this appears in 1636, but I think people have known this cloud formation and what it means for a lot longer than that.

The old rhyme goes:

Mackerel Sky, Mackerel Sky,

Never long wet, never long dry.

I don’t know how old this actual rhyme is, but I can guess it comes from the time when  fishing captains who depended on their catch, or famers concerned about their crop, would look at the skies to try to estimate what the weather would do. People who lived inland from the coast would probably have chosen other ways than fish to describing these clouds. They might know them as Buttermilk Sky, or Fleecy Sky. Whichever name anyone used has the same message. There is wet weather to come.

The technical understanding of this cloud formation is that high altitude pressure leads to this rippling effect and in the UK at least, following on from these clouds by about six to twelve hours, there will be precipitation. In other words-it’s going to rain.

I am fascinated by the weather in the UK, like most of us here. Why? Mainly I think my interest comes from the fact the weather is, and has been for the entirety of my lifetime, utterly unpredictable within an understood range. I recollect snow in June, warm sunshine in December and a May whirlwind which almost lifted me from the ground when I was a child. If we are lucky  we can get the whole range of frost, sun, wind, and rain of the horizontal variety, all in one day. So, it kind of makes sense that people in times gone by spent a long time studying their local weather to try to fathom what might be coming next.

Boscobel Oak

This image is of the descendent of the original Boscobel Oak. The tree where ancient lore says Charles II as heir to the throne fled and hid after the disastrous 1651 battle of Worcester during the English Civil War. Truly, this tree is a mighty oak.

Ash tree

This image is of one of my favourite trees, the Ash. Since childhood I have always thought Ash trees have to be one of the most interesting trees we have in the UK.

Why the trees?

They are at the heart of another weather lore rhyme.

You have to watch how they develop leaves in spring to gain an insight into how the summer will progress. The old rhyme goes

Ash before Oak, we’re in for a soak,

Oak before Ash, we’re in for a splash.

Locally this year the Ash showed leaf before the Oak and so far the rhyme has proved correct. There has been a lot of rain.

I’m hoping we might get a few warm summer days despite the indications from the trees.

I’d love to hear of other weather lore from you. Let me know if you have a weather sign you or your family use.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks


Makerel Sky Image from Nickfraser at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Boscobel Oak By Original uploader was Oosoom at en.wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Ash tree By Jean-Pol GRANDMONT – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

Something special.

Today, 28th of June, a lovely author I know and appreciate has a special post on her blog. I have been looking forward to seeing this since she first explained about it.

At present I am having some issues with logging into my blog here. I think a clash of technology is behind the problem. Hopefully, I’ll get it resolved quickly, but just in case I can’t get in this morning I have set this post up so you won’t miss the opportunity to visit

Carmen Stefanescu’s blog.

Carmen is an accomplished author and a superb reviewer of books. I have learned a great deal from her approach to reviews. On her blog you will find fascinating information, links to review sites, and to other authors, as well as information about her books, the latest one being

Till Life Do Us Part.

Till Life Do us part-001

Click the cover to buy.

See you at


Back from vacation.

Back from vacation.

I have been away on holiday for the last couple of weeks and enjoyed a taste of life as it was lived in the past.



I stayed in this delightful, tiny thatched cottage on the Norfolk coast; a place I’d recommend to anyone who wants a relaxing break. In this particular location I had no internet connection and even mobile, (cell, for US readers) phone coverage was sporadic. I truly felt I’d stepped into a bygone era. I know not everyone wants that kind of disconnect from the 21st century, but after the initial shock I found I could cope. If I’d thought things would be permanently that way I might have felt different. 🙂

I took long strolls along the beach in both rain and shine, listened to the surf as it pounded or whispered its mood on the sands, and I let my mind wander where it willed.

Beach 2

The hours of my days seemed to stretch and there were several times when I glanced at the clock and could hardly believe I’d done so much with my morning or afternoon. There is something to be said for this quality of peace.

Beach holiday

 I’ve rarely experienced having a beach to myself, or stood alone to peer at a wide horizon and coastline that seems only set there to remind me how small I truly am. My day to day fretful concerns suddenly seemed like they weren’t such a big deal after all.

I’m home again now, the normal routine asserting itself and taking my concentration, but I’ll recollect this break for a long time.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks