Summer Sighs.

 wet guyI’m sure this beautiful and summertime view got your attention.

Today you can find me at with my post Summer Sweetness & Sweat.

My days since I returned from vacation have been very busy. I shall have lots of news for you soon on several ongoing projects. Am I going to produce a newsletter? Certainly not yet.

I hope you all catch a few warm rays today even if you are in winter where you are.

Summer sighs for the pleasures of;

ice-cream melting over fruit in cold dishes,

birds waking me at dawn with their calls,

days spent walking barefoot, eyes eager for sunsets gleams of fire and gold.

The hay field sways with the kiss of the breeze

and I revel in the love that will never grow old.

Thanks for reading

Daisy Banks


4 thoughts on “Summer Sighs.

  1. I admire your life-loving, optimistic attitude. It’s the right one, even if summer this year is a bit odd all over Europe.

    • Thanks for commenting, Carmen. We are still waiting for any sign of prolonged warmth here, more than one or two days at least. Perhaps the end of July
      will give us some heat.

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