Something special.

Today, 28th of June, a lovely author I know and appreciate has a special post on her blog. I have been looking forward to seeing this since she first explained about it.

At present I am having some issues with logging into my blog here. I think a clash of technology is behind the problem. Hopefully, I’ll get it resolved quickly, but just in case I can’t get in this morning I have set this post up so you won’t miss the opportunity to visit

Carmen Stefanescu’s blog.

Carmen is an accomplished author and a superb reviewer of books. I have learned a great deal from her approach to reviews. On her blog you will find fascinating information, links to review sites, and to other authors, as well as information about her books, the latest one being

Till Life Do Us Part.

Till Life Do us part-001

Click the cover to buy.

See you at


6 thoughts on “Something special.

  1. Thank you Daisy for all your kind words! I wish I were everything you say.
    anyway it’s nice to know there are people you can call friends though you’ll never meet in person. Gratitude!

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