Back from vacation.

Back from vacation.

I have been away on holiday for the last couple of weeks and enjoyed a taste of life as it was lived in the past.



I stayed in this delightful, tiny thatched cottage on the Norfolk coast; a place I’d recommend to anyone who wants a relaxing break. In this particular location I had no internet connection and even mobile, (cell, for US readers) phone coverage was sporadic. I truly felt I’d stepped into a bygone era. I know not everyone wants that kind of disconnect from the 21st century, but after the initial shock I found I could cope. If I’d thought things would be permanently that way I might have felt different. 🙂

I took long strolls along the beach in both rain and shine, listened to the surf as it pounded or whispered its mood on the sands, and I let my mind wander where it willed.

Beach 2

The hours of my days seemed to stretch and there were several times when I glanced at the clock and could hardly believe I’d done so much with my morning or afternoon. There is something to be said for this quality of peace.

Beach holiday

 I’ve rarely experienced having a beach to myself, or stood alone to peer at a wide horizon and coastline that seems only set there to remind me how small I truly am. My day to day fretful concerns suddenly seemed like they weren’t such a big deal after all.

I’m home again now, the normal routine asserting itself and taking my concentration, but I’ll recollect this break for a long time.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks


14 thoughts on “Back from vacation.

    • Thanks for commenting, jj. Due to circumstances here this was a fast track trip so I didn’t have time to get excited about it before I went. I think that made the visit all the sweeter.

  1. The photographs are beautiful and the small thatched cottage sounds divine. Sometimes we need to get away, unplug and disconnect from the modern world. I love the idea of taking a step back in time and it sounds like your vacation flirted with that kind of getaway. Good for you and welcome back!

    • Thanks for commenting, Mae. Thanks for the welcome home. I did enjoy the place and I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to visit again sometime.

  2. Oh boy, Daisy, we’ve both been to the beach lately! What a picturesque cottage and breathtaking scenery. I’m so glad you got away and had some relaxation time. Good for you! Those sea ions are wonderful.

  3. Welcome back! You were missed, but from what you are telling us here it was a well deserved break from all everyday hustle and bustle. It was like here, I think:
    “The quaint, little village sleeps, lost,
    among steep valleys.
    Its thick, thatched roofs,
    like old men’s fur caps, worn.
    The sound of silence envelopes all the dwellings
    In a mysterious blanket
    of solitude and warmth…”

    • Thanks for commenting, Carmen. What a beautiful poem, and yes, my trip was very much like that. I’m looking forward to you blog on the 28th.

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