Sunday Sexy Snippet from Sexy to Go 1.


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Welcome to Sunday Sexy Snippets and thanks to the Nuthouse Scribblers for the weekly challenge to offer seven sexy sentence from a work in progress or published work.

Do be aware that Sexy Snippets often contain adult material. By continuing to read you acknowledge you are over 18.

My sexy seven this week come from my story First Contact, a sensual sci-fi short story in Sexy to Go 1, which is currently a free read.


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Slowly she unbuttoned the shirt, pulled it over her head and dropped it to the floor. Little pools of sweat formed in the creases of her elbows. Only being able to move her arms made removing further clothes impossible. You have to let me move freely or I can’t undress and nor will I be able to… Did she want a repeat performance of last night? Hell, yes she did. She ached for another taste of the powerful release she’d found at his urging.


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