Tuesday Treat from Mother’s Day Magic.

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Welcome to a Tuesday Treat.

The story collection

Mother’s Day Magic

Mothers Day the one!! MDM

is out today.

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  I couldn’t resist offering you a little taster from my story in the collection

December Roses.

4DaisyBanksDecemberRoses Cover3

“I’ll make sure Jean’s back by ten and no later. You have my word on it,” Jack said.
“Just you see you do because if there is any funny business her father will want a word with you.”
Jean scrunched her shoulders and cringed. Why did her mother always have to be so suspicious? Jack showed the patience of a saint putting up with the comments when he came to fetch her. She’d been seeing him for eight months and both her parents ought to know by now he wasn’t just a soldier who wanted to get into her knickers.
“Don’t you fret, Ma. I’ll take good care of your wench. We’ll bring you something back from Bridgnorth. See you later.” He stepped away from the door and turned wearing his delightful smile. He winked. “I’ll win her round yet, pigeon” he said and took Jean’s arm. “Every time I take you out it’s like playing Saint George.”
She chuckled as they walked down the back garden and turned into the dark roofed gully way between her home and the neighbours. In the shadows midway from the gate and the road, Jack paused and leaned close enough so his breath warmed her skin below her ear. “As I’ve slain today’s dragon, can I kiss my princess?”
“No, you can’t, not now,” she said but smiled because kisses would come later. Tonight, when they got back, despite all her mother’s warnings she’d let him kiss her properly before he took her indoors.

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  1. What a lovely snippet, reminding us of youth years! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely spring, Daisy!

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