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Welcome to Sunday Sexy Snippets and thanks to the Nuthouse Scribblers for the weekly challenge to offer seven sexy sentences from a work in progress or published work.

Please be aware Sexy Snippets often contain over 18 material. By continuing to read you acknowledge you are over 18.

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My snippet this week comes from my story in the Sexy To Go Valentine’s Day Boxed Set.



“You are very beautiful, my wife, but that’s not going to save you tonight.”
The words slid over me like an icy finger stroking down my spine. I looked up and hoped to find the hint of a smile, but no.
“I’d believed your last escapade had taught you a valuable lesson but it would seem it did not and you need additional instruction.” He lifted one of my hands and kissed the back through the lacy glove.
“Tonight I must blame the maid for making me late.”
“Do you suggest I call her in here and give her a thrashing?”



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