Sexy Snippet Sunday – The Antique Fair.

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Welcome to Sexy Snippet Sunday and thanks to the Nuthouse Scribblers for their weekly challenge to offer seven sexy sentences from a work in progress or published work.

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My snippet today comes from my story in the Valentine’s Day boxed set from

Sexy to Go.

I just knew you’d love the gorgeous cover.


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Mike and Pam are at an antique fair where he has discovered a desk perfect for his home office and all kinds of activities.

Do enjoy this snippet.

“There is no one around, sweetheart. They’re all in the main room. Let’s just see if it fits, shall we?” Mike stepped forward and slid his arm around my waist. He guided me over the edge of the desk.
I put my arms in front of me and rested my cheek on the polished wood. This wasn’t the first time I’d found myself in such a position at Mike’s request, and please don’t laugh when I say, of course, this monumental piece of furniture proved the ideal height.


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