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Welcome to Sexy Snippets and thanks to the Nuthouse Scribblers for the weekly challenge to offer readers seven sexy sentences from a work in progress of published work. You can visit the Nuthouse Scribblers by clicking on the logo above.

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Before I offer you my snippet this week I’d like to offer an apology that I’ve posted so little here since New Year. The reason behind that is because Mom, who I care for full time has been unwell and in hospital. She is home now and improving. There is more treatment for her to follow but at present I have the time to post again.

My snippet this week comes from my story The Antique Fair which will appear in the Sexy To Go Valentine Boxed Set.

This is so new I don’t yet have the art work for it. I’ll be showing that off next weekend.

I hope you enjoy this little snippet.


The huge, brass handled desk was what had caught Mike’s attention. This imposing piece could have been delivered from a Dickens story film set.
Mike slid his fingetips over the polished top. “It’s beautiful, hey babe?”
I recognized the gleam in his eyes and suddenly the desk took on a whole new meaning. “It looks like it might have been used for punishing naughty orphans.”
“Mmm. I quite agree,” Mike said. “Shall we try it for size?”

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