Tuesday Treat from Sexy to Go Volume 12


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Welcome to Tuesday Treat.

This time of year between Christmas and New Year is always busy. Visits from family and friends are welcome but they do flip my usual schedule into a spin. However, I had to make the time to share a snippet from the latest Sexy to Go volume, Volume 12, with you all.


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Enjoy this little snippet from The Weatherman Part Four, my story in this hot boxed set.


Jack lifted her hand again and this time kissed her palm. Odd, her engagement ring slid around on her finger so he could see the stone. He’d thought it a better fit for her than that. “Dinner, wench? Have you lost more weight?”
She sighed. “Yes, but it’s for the wedding dress, Jack. The fabric clings to every curve and I don’t want to look lumpy.”
“Lumpy?” He stood up and beckoned her with one finger. “Come here.”
Claire rose and stepped up closer.
“Who in their right mind says you might look lumpy?”
“No one, it’s just I—”
“Need a few hours looking at your reflection with me telling you how perfectly beautiful you are formed and how magnificent anyone would find your body.”

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks

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