Sunday Sexy Snippet. Santa’s Christmas Present.

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Welcome to Sunday Sexy Snippets and thanks to the Nuthouse Scribblers for their weekly challenge to authors; offer seven sexy sentences from a work in progress or published work.

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My seven sentences today come from story in the super Sexy To Go Christmas Boxed Set which can be all your’s for 99 cents. A super price for 13 tales designed purely to please.

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Enjoy this snippet from Santa’s Christmas Present.


“Santa, look. What do you think?”
God alive. She stood there in the sexiest elf suit I’d ever seen. This costume made the one she’d worn at the Grotto seem like a modest affair. The outfit she’d tried on consisted of a green bustier decorated with sparkles and a set of red shorts that when she turned round offered an ample view of the lower half of her ass cheeks. A hint of pink in places showed my handiwork from lunchtime. I eventually managed to rip my gaze away and down to the green and white candy-striped over the knee socks and a pair of green boots with the ubiquitous bells.

Blurb: Honesty is its own reward or so it is said. Vivian discovers sharing her secret need with Santa brings the kind of glow she’s always dreamed of, and Santa finds a gift he didn’t know he wanted.

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