Here be Dragons. Day 18. The last dragon.


Welcome to Here be Dragons.

This is the last post in my dragon collection. As of tomorrow the run up to Christmas will begin on the blog.

I have researched quite a bit for this series and found in western stories of dragons there often seems an element of sadness. However, I’m glad to say I haven’t found the tale of the last dragon. What I have discovered is that dragon stories, poems, artwork and dragon inspired games remain hugely popular. From short tales for young children right the way through to work for adults dragons appear as central characters.

I know I had a lot of fun when writing Serving the Serpent and I am rather sorry to have to let the story go for now. Perhaps I might revisit Ceri, Leif and the dragons again in the future.


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6 thoughts on “Here be Dragons. Day 18. The last dragon.

  1. It is a delightful story and I think a follow-up will do great. Some trouble in the human world, this time, and the dragons helping them.
    Thank you for all these lovely posts on dragons! I learned about other views on them, as here, a dragon is the symbol of evil of destruction and ugliness.

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