Sunday Sexy Snippets from The Weatherman.


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Welcome to Sunday Sexy Snippets.

Thanks to the Nuthouse Scribblers for their weekly challenge to offer readers seven sexy sentences from a work in progress or a published work.

Do be aware Sexy Snippets often contain adult material and by continuing to read you are acknowledging you are over 18.


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My seven sentence come from Part 3 of The Weatherman, my story in

Sexy to Go Volume 11.


The touch of wet leather on her skin, slippery smooth and soft was different from anything she’d known before. The fabric slid like warm ice over her, sensitizing her body inch by inch. Jack used one finger coated in the Chamois to rub her nipple. She bit her lip, closed her eyes and stifled a whimper of pleasure. His touch on the other nipple had her squirming.
He leaned over and blew a hot breath and squeezed the leather out before he rubbed again.
“Oh, God.”


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