Here be Dragons. Day 15. A snippet of a happy dragon from Serving the Serpent.


Welcome to Day 15 of Here be Dragons.

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Despite the fact so many dragon legends are filled with dangers to humans there are times when the dragons aren’t so very dangerous. Sometimes other thoughts are more important to them.

Here is a little snippet to show a happier dragon from my story.

“Now, boy,” Heren said. “Take up the shovel, and where I have marked the floor of the cave and scoured the surface, you dig.”
The lad wore a wide smile as he picked up the shovel and it certainly seemed as though his mood had lifted from the last few weeks when he’d spent so much time glowering and reading the old book. Leif stood spade in hand peering at the spot they’d discovered with the hollow echo beneath yesterday. He shoved hard with his foot on the top of the spade and thrust it through the roughened surface of the rocks with a ringing clang.
Heren smiled in satisfaction at the youth’s enthusiasm and nodded to the rhythm of Leif’s spade as the lad flung rubble and rocks to the side of the cave. Soon a sheen of sweat broke on Leif’s pink forehead.
Pausing briefly, Leif gave another grin. “Hot,” he said and tugged off the sweater he wore, the T-shirt too, and, bare-chested, back to work he went.
Heren gave his tail a swish. He hummed, and in unison with the Derskijoar’s shovel, he lifted his great feet too, his movements matching Leif’s and making the cave rumble. The rocks Leif dumped on the spoil pile changed color, grew darker, damper, with bigger pieces among the gravel. Encouraged by this, Heren sat back on his hindquarters at the entrance of the cave and clapped, but soon the lad would need help, and a break. The Derskijoar’s pale body was streaked with sweat and rock dust.
Heren leaned down and peered into the hole Leif had made, not too deep. He smiled. “I think we’re ready for some blasting now,” he said. “Stop shoveling and go sit outside for a rest. Don’t come back in until I call, boy.”
“Whooo,” Leif said and wiped his brow with his arm. “Thanks. It’s hard work. The pieces are so jammed together.”
He nodded. “I know. You have my thanks, and once I’ve stirred things around a little, you’ll find it easier.” He glanced to the cave mouth. “I’ll improve the access in here too,” he said. “Go rest.”
The lad ambled out with the shovel still in his hand.
“Take the bags, boy,” Heren called. “I don’t want things incinerated.”
Wide-eyed, Leif looked back. “No flaming, my lord, please. If you begin, you may not stop.”
“Rubbish. I’m perfectly capable of control.”

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks