Here be Dragons Day 3. What came first? The dragon or the egg?


What came first? The dragon the egg?

Dragons nest in the warmth of gold with the mineral extracts obtained from precious stones surrounding them and their offspring. How do I know this? My best current answer is I am not sure, but I know when I close my eyes and see nesting dragons they are curled on a treasure pile and wear a smile.
I know there are stories of baby dragons, young dragons and teenage dragons, but in all those tales I don’t recall how the babies came to be.
I am certain as a serpentine race dragons lay eggs.

dragon treasure

Chinese dragon lore has it that dragons breed in the form of small snakes. They lay their eggs near riverbanks. The eggs glitter in the sun like gems but are soon covered by sandy soil. They take up to a thousand years to hatch. The birthing process of dragons creates tempests and storms with hugh lightning bolts and thunder to deafen a man. Finally, when the eggs all hatch the tiny serpents wriggle from the shells and grow with supernatural speed to enable them to take to the sky, their natural environment.

dragon on a cloud

In my story, Serving the Serpent, the nesting chamber has to be made ready for the dragons. Since the chamber was closed years before by an earth tremor this takes considerable effort and even then doesn’t promise immediate success.

HRservingtheserpentYou can pre order Serving the Serpent by clicking on the cover. Chapter one is available for you to read on the my books pages. Take a peek.

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2 thoughts on “Here be Dragons Day 3. What came first? The dragon or the egg?

  1. Facsinating! In Romanian mythology, Balaur/Dragon has huge dimensions and has the form of a winged snake, with three, seven or even twelve heads. It is the embodiment of evil.

    • Thanks for commenting, Carmen. I find it strange that many of the western snakes are considered evil whereas the eastern legends see them as beneficent creatures.
      I’ll be posting more on dragons on Friday, as its Paranormal Thursday tomorrow.

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