Here be Dragons. Day 1.

Here be Dragons.


Welcome to the first in my series of dragon posts. I hope these will help get you in the mood for the release of my new book, Serving the Serpent, published by Liquid Silver Books on the 23rd of November.

You will find dragon posts here each day this month except Thursdays when I have guest bloggers from the Paranormal Romance Tour and Sundays when I participate in Sexy Snippets. Saying that, Serving the Serpent is a sweet story suitable for all those young at heart.

My fascination with dragons goes back a long way. I think it began as I read Norse myths and legends as a child. The dragon motif seemed ever present and I always found it beautiful. I’ll be using some of those images in the blogs as they go on this month.
Seemingly, or at least as far as is presently known, the term ‘Here be Dragons’ was first used in the late medieval period. If you know of an earlier use of that specific term than 1503 please let me know. The words were accompanied by a little sketch of a serpent or sea monster as the phrase was used on early maps to denote places of danger. Some say the term refers to actual beasts, others say it was a general warning of places where difficulties could be expected for the adventuring crews who sailed and mapped the globe.

 map of here be dragons

I find old maps like the one in the image fascinating. The cartographers in the past made exquisite creations to depict the world and of course, they only had the sea captain’s descriptions to work with.

Strangely enough modern sightings of flying dragons are not as rare as you might think. In the USA and in South America reports of gigantic winged creatures have been made in the modern era. In Wales in the early 1980s a rash of unexplained sheep deaths were blamed by some on a local serpent with a taste for lamb.
In the next few days I’ll be looking deeper into dragon myth, dragon lore and its international occurrences.
Do call back tomorrow to find out about the earliest known representations of dragons.


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Chapter One of Serving the Serpent is up on the ‘My Books page’ for you to read. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know.

Thanks for reading.
Daisy Banks

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2 thoughts on “Here be Dragons. Day 1.

  1. Interesting post, Daisy.
    We have in Romanian mythology the Dragon/Balaur, too. There are 3 varieties:
    water dragon that lives in wells,
    earth dragon that lives in abyss areas, and
    air dragon/balaur that is connected to storm clouds.
    Dragons are to be found in many fairy-stories.

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