Paranormal Romance Thursday. Guardian of the Deep by Flossie Benton Rogers.

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Guardian of the Deep by Flossie Benton Rogers.

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Guardian of the Deep
by Flossie Benton Rogers
Moonspell Books

Genre: Paranormal Romance (sensual heat level)

Forbidden love in the fae realm…
The Succubus Layla has one job: to pursue dreaming men. Although emotional attachments are strictly prohibited, Layla has powerful feelings for the Guardian of the Deep.
Samael is a dark lord charged with maintaining order in his submerged domain. The Guardian is enamored of Layla, and they fuel their passion in his undersea home.
With forces stirring against them, the fae world becomes dangerous. Samael suggests a hideaway in the human dimension – a 1950 Montana ranch. Layla is thrilled. They can escape the threat looming over them, and she can indulge her cowboy fantasies with Samael.
When Samael disappears before their rendezvous, Layla’s dream turns to a nightmare. Peril is closer than ever. She must call on her deepest reserves and risk everything for the truth to come out. Is her love strong enough to hold the bond with her Guardian of the Deep?

Her heart hammered at the thundering sound of hoof beats in the distance. Over the rise came a creature she knew was a horse, from pictures and her experiences in the dreams of men. She had never seen a real one.
She blinked her eyes in disbelief. Samael rode the horse. She whirled in excitement and smacked full into Bane, who had stopped stock still.
The horse and rider headed straight at them, a curl of rope and weapon hanging from the saddle, a rifle Layla thought. What was Samael doing with a gun?
Relief flooded her. The best part, other than seeing with her own eyes that he was not hurt, was her certainty he would proclaim her innocent of any part in this abduction.
Samael would know she was innocent, wouldn’t he?
“Keep your mouth shut,” Bane hissed.
She couldn’t stand mute and let Bane get in the first word against her. “Samael.” She rushed toward him, recoiling when she encountered the energy field and immense bulk of his mount.
The startled horse reared up, knocking Layla off balance. While Samael regained control of the beast, she tilted sideways and fell into the edge of the water.
She struggled to get up but only managed to plunk herself back down in the mud.
“Samael.” Her voice shook.
He halted the stallion within a few feet of her as she lay sprawled in the shallow water. She flinched at the look he tossed her from beneath his wide brimmed hat. It wasn’t the heated gaze he usually gave her, the one that melted her insides and made it hard to breathe. No, this was the distant stare of a stranger. A cold stranger with her lover’s face.

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Flossie headshotAuthor Bio:
Flossie Benton Rogers shares her passion for mythical realms through sizzling paranormal romances with fairies, goddesses, witches, angels, and demons. Reiki, tarot, runes, and gemstones are sometimes part of the magical mix. She is prodded on by her writing buddy, Marigold the calico, who may be a fur fairy. Flossie’s birth chart features sun in Sagittarius with a Taurus moon and Libra ascendant, as befits a 5th generation Floridian and freedom loving mystic.

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  1. This was the first book I read by Flossie. It got me hooked on the entire Wytchfae series, and her very vivid writing. Wonderful to see it showcased here!

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