Tuesday Treat. A little bit of autumn.

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Welcome to Tuesday Treat.

Today’s treat is a little bit different. As the autumn is taking hold here I thought I might share some sections where it features in some of my stories. I love autumn. I think it’s the colours and textures I enjoy so much and of course these feature in several of my stories. To welcome the shorter days and longer nights here is a a little bit from some of my stories that feature the season of mist and colour.

AGentlemansFolly_600x800A Gentleman’s Folly
Charles made his way up to his room. A fire warmed the hearth, the candles had been lit, his house robe was put out, and Joshua, looking too tired for talk, helped him off with his boots and jacket and poured the hot water for him to wash. “Go sleep, lad,” he said as he dried his face on a warmed towel. “I’ll be up with the dawn and need you then.”
“Yes, sir,” the youth replied and yawned as he left the room.
Before he climbed into the bed where Joshua had turned back the sheet and warmed the inner surface of the sheets with a pan, he unlocked the door to the adjoining room. Standing in the darkness, he breathed in deep, all his senses alive to the fragrance he knew so well. A race of sensations plagued his flesh in response to the memories he found.
Determination filled him. “Katherine, my wife, you will come home.”

MarkedForMagic-1Marked for Magic
The leaves turned burgundy like his robes. Russet, rose, and gilt, they fell in the cold winds. The berries hung ripe and red, the blackberries grew plump and purple.
Some mornings a paper-thin layer of crackled ice covered the pool. The water, cold beyond belief, would steal her breath, but no matter how she pleaded, Thabit made her swim, even when it rained.
The Mage made her do a lot of things.

To EternityTo Eternity
Sian longed to roll with him in the bed of leaves, but the image in her mind closed under the shutter of his words. Another time. Another day. She focused on the trees, all of them beautiful in the last phase of this year’s leaf. “I’ve never seen such magnificent colors or such shapes.”
“These are probably the oldest oak trees in the grounds. They’ve had lots of time to grow in the way they wish.” Tucking her hand through the crook of his arm, he smiled. “Some of these are century’s old, one or two may be more ancient still.”
Looking up to his smile, she nodded. His need to feel a part of time should be fed. Perhaps she might find a way. Now he’d mentioned it, she’d work hard to try to arrange a visit to Egypt for them. He’d traveled in his youth and could again.

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Keep the fire burning.
Two stars shone in the lavender twilight and she sped her steps for night was close. She cut and gathered armfuls of bracken, some of it rust-shaded for autumn. Along with the bracken, she found wildflowers. The last breath of summer would be bound into her bridal bed. Her heart took up a swift and steady rhythm. His wonderful dark eyes had promised tonight she’d see the end of her maiden days. They had no priest to bless them, nor family to shout joyous congratulations, but somehow it didn’t matter. He’d made her his, and after tonight she would be until she trod the world no more.
No one had ever said it would be like this, or explained love would sweep her up in a whirlwind and she’d have no idea where she’d land.
She added some coils of honeysuckle, a few sweet flowers on the length of the vine, and some spindly twigs of lavender to her bundle. When she got back, she’d make the fragrant bracken bed.

At present Keep the Fire Burning is no longer available. I am looking into ways to rectify that. I’ll let you know as soon as it will be available to read.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Treat. A little bit of autumn.

  1. Such wonderful descriptions, Daisy My favorite season is summer, but I do love autumn, too. It’s a feast for the senses and I love when authors use it as a setting for their novels. I do hope you’re able to work things out with Keep the Fire Burning.

    • Thank you for commenting and such kind words, Mae. I’m looking into a couple of possiblities with Keep the Fire Buring. I’ll let you know how I get on.

    • Thanks for commenting, Carmen. I had a lovely time writing A Gentleman’s Folly the research was great fun, especially visiting the Caves where the Knights of St. Francis met.

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