Sexy Snippet from Sexy to Go Halloween 15


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Welcome to this Sunday’s Sexy Snippet. Please be aware this is an 18+ post.

Sexy Snippets is organised by The Nuthouse Scribblers who offer a weekly challenge to authors to showcase a sexy seven sentences from either a work in progress or a published work. My seven this week come from Charity’s Fortune, my story in the ten others published in the   Sexy to Go Halloween 15 boxed set.

STG-Hallowween W corrected

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 Not one of the buttons on the front of her dress snapped because Joe opened them so slow and tender.
She could scarce breathe.
He brushed the fabric of her best dress back to reveal the ribbons of her shimmy and lifted his gaze to hers. “Your skin shines like moonlight,” he whispered and traced a forefinger over the curve of the top of her breasts. “But you’re warm, baby.”
Goosebumps chased the wake of his touch. He bent his head lower and she dragged in a raspy breath at the gentle caress of his lips where he’d raised a line of sensations.

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