Sexy Snippet from Sexy to Go Halloween 15.

Welcome to this week’s Sexy Snippet thanks the the Nuthous Scribblers challenge.

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I’ve skipped a few weeks of the challenge to offer 7 sexy sentences from a work in progress or published work as I’ve been working on something very sweet.

But now Sexy To Go Volume 9 and Sexy to Go Halloween 15 are both out I have something to offer.

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STG-Hallowween W correctedSTG September Box Cover

This snippet is from Charity’s Fortune my story in the Sexy to Go Halloween 15 compilation. There is more information below about all ten of the stories in the boxed set.

Charity’s Fortune by Daisy Banks

Halloween is a time the young people of the county can get together without too much attention from their elders. This night the courageous will find out their future. Charity Burbage isn’t brave but she is willing to let Joe Anderson help her discover all she might need to know.


“God help me, baby, you lie there in my arms looking doe eyed. Do you know how to come?”
If a wall had fell on her she couldn’t have been more surprised. Terrified he would think her wicked if she said yes, yet sickened he’d not want her if she said no, she buried her face against his shoulder.
“I’ll take that as a maybe,” he said and hugged her closer in his arms. “We’ll see how much you know, and don’t you fret. Tonight I’m going to teach you how to come for me. Any disagreements?”

2 words over the 7.

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Sexy to Go Halloween 15 offers all these stories.

Don’t Dare The Reaper by Leigh Ellwood
En route to a Halloween party, Cal and Sue perish in a car crash…or do they die? The handsome Reaper helps them “kill” time in Limbo.
Shhh by Jocelyn Dex
Miranda is freaked out by the weird happenings in her new house. Her husband Zac thinks it’s all in her head—moving stress and creepy Halloween decorations sparking an overactive imagination. Is Miranda crazy? Or is her fear justified?

Snowbound by Tara Quan
A naughty frost witch challenges an earth mage to a snowball fight. One of them gets spanked. Find out who!

Daughters of Astra: Jolie’s Pirate by Pamela Moran
Jolie has enough on her plate without having to deal with a black cat, a sexy pirate, and an ancient prophecy. Can Locke help her separate fantasy from reality or will he forever remain in another realm?

Made New by Eva Lefoy
Hoping to bring back her sexiness, Dr. Frankenstein creates a new body for his aging wife, but his plan goes awry when she creates a new lover of her own.

Shattered by Shiloh Saddler
Imagining fame and fortune, Elliot Giles ventures out on Halloween determined to capture a photograph of the supernatural. When he meets the vampire, Rafe, they strike a deal, but is it for more than he bargained?

Cat Eyes by Haley Whitehall
Opal Rinehart’s beloved black cat Alastair isn’t exactly the pet he appears. On Halloween his binding spell is broken and they form a deeper connection on a human level.

My Master, my Dom by Eva Lefoy
When Victor’s creation demands a mate, he turns to a renowned explorer for help, ignorant of the famous man’s preference for BDSM. With his assistance, Victor opens up to his submissive side and lets the monster wield control.

Eat, Slay, Lust by Jillian Stone
The zombie apocalypse is on, and Lizzy Davis is determined to survive any way she can. As a surgeon, she’s used to saving lives; not cutting into the basal ganglia to make sure the patient stays dead. When the refugee camp is overrun by a zombie horde, Lizzy manages to escape only to run into Black Hawk pilot, Captain Chris “Kahuna” Oakley, in the middle of the Syrian Desert.

Three hundred kilometers away, there’s an underground military base outside of Kirkuk. But they’ll have to pass through the DMZ––Dead Meat Zone––to get there. Lizzy’s transport vehicle is out of gas, but hotter than hot Captain Oakley has commandeered a motorcycle. When Lizzy offers sex in exchange for a ride, his answer knocks her flat on her ass.

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