It’s odd how things can change perception.

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An odd thing happened the other day. Someone called round to see me and brought with them their latest book purchases.

The BooksTo say I was surprised when they opened the bag and put the books on my table is a huge understatement. I had to sit down for a minute or two and then I picked one of them up. I’d not seen what they looked like in print and was very pleased with the quality of the books.

A series of flashbacks of all that went into the creation of these three paperbacks hit me. There were so many experiences and each of them meant a great deal to me and to others who worked on the books with me, crit partners, editors, cover artists and the publisher. The impact of seeing print copies hit me with much more force than I thought it might. I hadn’t imagined I’d feel that way at all.

I like ebooks, I like the kindle as its so lightweight to use, except I wouldn’t recommend reading in the bath. 🙂 But to hold a print copy of three of my books was a special experience.

Has the experience changed how I feel about writing? No, not a bit. I write the stories because they are in my head and I love the process of writing. I do think it has changed my expectations a little. I enjoy having ebooks published and I am hoping to have other books in print as well as in ebook format.

You can read the first chapter of each of these three stories for free if you click on the My Books link in the bar that runs at the top of the page. If you like what you see then you can buy the books as ebooks or in print.

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4 thoughts on “It’s odd how things can change perception.

  1. I’m happy for you, Daisy!
    I fully understand the feeling. Though my book that is already released, as well the coming one, are ebooks, I still LOVE print books. The touch of the page, the smell of the ink, the fact you can literally place a book mark between the pages is unique.
    I hope one day to live the same experience.

  2. What a wonderful surprise for you, Daisy. I can’t believe you didn’t snatch up author copies from your publisher. I grabbed mine right away. Although I love ebooks and normally read those above all else, I was thrilled to have paper copies of my own work. There’s just something special about them 🙂

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