Romancing September thanks to Rosie Amber and Stephanie Hurt.

2015 cover for Romancing September

I was thrilled to be asked to participate in this event. Every day a new blog post on two sites for authors to share a little about themselves and thier work. This will be a sticky post for the whole of September, other posts will appear below it. Do support these authors by visiting and commenting.

Here is the running order.

You can discover each one by visiting

Roise Amber

Stephanie Hurt

You can also visit and support this event through Twitter. #Romancing September

September 1st – Melissa Foster with Taken by Love
September 2nd – Helen Hollick with Sea Witch
September 3rd – Linda Lee Williams with Old Town Nights
September 4th – Michelle Betham with Shirley Valentine goes to Vegas
September 5th – Georgina Troy with A Jersey Dreamboat
September 6th – V. Steele with How My Cowboy Loves Me
September 7th – Pamela Beckford with Love Aflame
September 8th – E.L.Lindley with Blood Money
September 9th – F.J. Thomas with Lost Betrayal
September 10th – Lizzie Lamb with Scotch On The Rocks
September 11th – Adrienne Vaughan with Secrets Of The Heart
September 12th – Monica La Porta with The Lonely Wolf
September 13th – Margaret Cullingford with Twins Of A Gazelle
September 14th – Nicky Wells with 7 Years Bad Sex
September 15th – Felicia Myers with A Fake Engagement, A Real Wedding
September 16th – Zee Monodee with Whisk Me Up
September 17th – Kimberley Wenzler with Both Sides Of Love
September 18th – Daisy Banks with Christmas Carols
September 19th – Joanne Phillips with Cupid’s Way
September 20th – Sonya Loveday & Candace knoebel with Love Always
September 21st – Della Connor with The Burning
September 22nd – Hilda Vaughan with Here Are Lovers
September 23rd – Bethan Darwin with Two Times Twenty
September 24th – Lorraine Jenkin with Chocolate Mousse & Two Spoons
September 25th – Annie Crux with The Lavender House Mob
September 26th – Sam Cheever with Slow Burner
September 27th – Jane Cable with The Faerie Tree
September 28th – Jane Linfoot with The Vintage Cinema Club
September 29th – Olga Miret with I Love Cupcakes
September 30th – Marcia Meara with Wake Robin Ridge