Solstice Island by Mae Clair. Guest post and free read.

Today I hand the blog over to the lovely and talented Mae Clair, who wants to tell you about a fabulous free read: Solstice Island.

Solstice Island Final

End of Summer Sale: Solstice Island by Mae Clair is FREE 8/31 and 9/1

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I know summer isn’t officially over until the autumnal equinox rolls around mid-September, but by the time the calendar reads August 31, I’m already thinking fall. My husband and I will be closing our pool this coming weekend, Halloween stuff is stocked in most every store I visit, and the days are growing noticeably shorter. I live in the northeast where summer is much, much too short. Blink and it’s easy to miss. I love fall, but I thrive on summer. So…I’m lamenting the demise of my favorite season with an end of summer sale on SOLSTICE ISLAND, my breezy romantic adventure novella.

Why should you read it (other than the fact it’s like a shot of summer wrapped up inside Kindle pages)? I’m glad you asked. 

The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Read Solstice Island by Mae Clair:

10. You’ll meet a hot charter boat captain trying to live down his family legacy.
9. You’ll encounter a spunky heroine cryptozoologist, determined hot captain should embrace said family legacy and all the baggage that goes with it.
8. You’ll be able to impress your friends with your stunning new knowledge of cryptozoology.
7. You may find yourself struck by the uncontrollable urge to look up blurry images of strange creatures online or go on a cryptid hunt (think Loch Ness, Big Foot, and the Jersey Devil).
6. You’ll learn why you should never ignore a craving for mint chocolate chip ice cream.
5. The next time your boat is attacked by a rampaging sea monster, you’ll know precisely what to do.
4. You’ll be swept up in a tale of romance, adventure, and folklore.
3. You’ll uncover buried treasure, thwart a villain, and discover a new use for a boat oar.
2. As a 72 page novella, SOLSTICE ISLAND makes a quick end of summer read.

And the number one reason you should read SOLSTICE ISLAND:

1. It’s FREE on Amazon August 31 and September 1!


Can an ancient leviathan work magic between a practical man and an idealistic woman?
Rylie Carswell is an amateur cryptozoologist in search of a mythical creature, the Sea Goliath. In order to reach Solstice Island, a location the ancient leviathan is rumored to haunt, she’s forced to hire charter boat captain, Daniel Decatur.
Initially, Daniel wants nothing to do with the trip or the fool woman waving double payment in his face. Convinced she’s yet another loony treasure hunter looking for gold on the remote island, he reluctantly agrees. An embittered neighbor wants to have his charter license yanked, so the extra cash will help him stay afloat.
It doesn’t take long for Daniel to realize Rylie is after the same beast his parents were tracking when they mysteriously vanished ten years earlier. He’s avoided all links to cryptozoology ever since, but the smart and sexy cryptid hunter has him second-guessing his oath and wondering what he’s signed on for.
Warning: A family legacy, glowing plankton and rough waters.
About Mae Clair:
Mae Clair has been chasing myth, monsters and folklore through research and reading since she was a kid. As an adult, she stumbled onto the field of cryptozoology and realized there were others like her who loved speculating about weird and wonderful creatures.

Her blog, From the Pen of Mae Clair, features a weekly post each Monday where she examines a different myth or urban legend. In 2013 and 2015, she journeyed to West Virginia to learn more about the legendary Mothman, a creature who will factor into an upcoming series of novels.

As a writer, she pens tales of romantic mystery flavored with a twist of myth or folklore. Married to her high school sweetheart, Mae lives in Pennsylvania. Her passions include cats, history and exploring old graveyards. Look for Mae on her website at

You can find Mae Clair at the following haunts:
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9 thoughts on “Solstice Island by Mae Clair. Guest post and free read.

  1. Hi, Daisy! Many thanks for helping me spread the word about Solstice Island being free today and tomorrow. I thought it would make a fun last hurrah of summer. I can’t believe the season is almost over. I actually ordered fall mums today, LOL!

    • Hi Mae, thanks for dropping by. It’s been typical Bank Holiday weekend here, wall to wall rain so it truly seems like the summer has danced away.
      What is ‘fall mums?’

    • Hi, Daisy. the up-side of wall to wall rain is that it usually makes for a wonderful writing day. They’re my favorite kind 🙂

      Mum is a fall flower we have, although it could be a nickname we have for a different type of bloom. They come in lovely harrvest colors and are often displayed with pumpkins.

    • I haven’t been able to write today due to guests but it was grand people used their day off to come visit me and Mom.
      I will have to look up those mum flowers, and yes, my summer blooms are clinging on now, they should last another month but the weather has been so poor
      I don’t think they will.

  2. Mae Clair, one of my favorite contemporary authors and bloggers.
    I read all her published books, Solstice Island, included and, trust me, they are worth your time and money.
    I also am a constant visitor of her blog. It brings to our attention many fascinating articles on cryptozoology and other captivating things.
    She is my guest today, too, Daisy.

    • Hi, Carmen! Thanks so much for those kind words about my books. I’m delighted you’ve enjoyed all of them. And Solstice Island was a lot of fun because it gave me a chance to play with the crypto angle. You know how I love imagining the possibility of creatures roaming the earth, sky and sea, LOL!

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