Sexy Sunday Snippets – Sexy to Go Volume 8

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Welcome to this week’s Sexy Snippet. Thanks to the Nuthouse Scribblers challenge asking authors to offer seven sentences from a work in progress or published work. Click the logo abvove to visit the Nuthouse Scribblers.

Your snippet from me today comes from part 6, the conclusion of my story Rewriting the Law, serialised in the Sexy to Go Compilation Volume 8, which will be out next week.

Sexy to Go Volume 8 Cover


 Pure and simple lust topped his love for her like the dressing on some rare dish. She wore the transparent little gown he’d first bought for her. The bodice hung low enough so he could glimpse her nipples, her smooth thighs were barely covered by the shimmering softness of the fabric. “You wore this for me?” he asked.
“You have always seemed pleased by it.”
The gleam in her glance promised much. Let their new law begin tonight. “It makes not a jot of difference as to how long I shall have you over my knee, Ambassador.”

If you enjoyed the snippet you can read more of this story in the monthly Sexy to Go compilations available here:

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    • Thanks for commenting, Doris. I’m glad you enjoyed this snippet. I enjoyed writing the story.
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