Sexy Sunday Snippets Rewriting the Law.


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Welcome to Sunday Sexy Snippets, thanks to the Nuthouse Scribblers weekly challenge to offer readers seven sentences from a work in progress or published work.

The snippet this week comes from my story in the Sexy to Go compilations, Rewriting the Law.

This snippet is a sneak peek and comes from the forthcoming episode, the conclusion of this story, which will appear in Sexy to Go Volume 8  in September.



Ansgar pulled back the bed covers and once Elana had lain down he covered her before he dimmed the light. Sliding in beside her he captured her warmth in his embrace and held her close. “Sleep, my gem. Tomorrow you have another busy day.” He brushed a kiss against her cheek and after a few moments listened to her slowed breathing. Though tiredness stung and prickled his eyes he lay wakeful for a long time forcing himself awake to enjoy the beautiful sensation of her in his arms. This might be their last night together.

Sexy to Go Volume 7

Sexy to Go Volume 7 is available now. Click the cover to buy.

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