Time for Tarot. The ten of Cups.

10 of cups

Welcome to Time for Tarot. The card today is the ten of cups and this design is from a beautiful deck I have ordered. The images are exquisite and full of depth. The deck is the work of Kim Huggins and artist Erik. C. Dunne .

If you wish to buy the Tarot illuminate click on the image above.

The ten of cups.

Look at the image and it offers you one of the most lovely experiences within the tarot story. Here is a phase we all might wish to linger in for as long as we can, perhaps if we are lucky, forever.

A safe and secure home, a loving relationship and the delights of a family who have an abundance of all good things.

This card is full of joy. Even if you don’t have a partner right now it reflects the joys felt from  united family of which you are and have been part. If this card falls in the future position for you then be prepared for some seriously loving times with friends, family, brothers, sisters, children and all your relatives. If you do have a partner, you may well expect your relationship to deepen and put down solid roots so you can build a wonderful future together.

Of course, each card in the tarot must be referenced to the question asked and in each area, love, money, family, work, future, this is a positive card. If you or your questioner are fortunate enough to receive it, be happy and enjoy the celebrations.


Here the ten reflects joy but it is a screen hiding a problem. Something within this loving environment is making demands of your questioner, what may well be unfair demands, unreasonalble demands that eat away at what should be happiness. There is no wish in your questioner to end the relationship but you should advise them to consider what is happening.

As ever my posts here are basic and if the tarot interests you I would recommend you research more about it and about the cards.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks

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