Another reason why housework and I will never agree.

 My apologies if you have dropped by looking for a Sexy Snippet. I am not snippeting this week. Why?

I have been struggling with a bad back and it has put me behind with things and this post is my attempt to explain.

Take a look at this photo. There is something wrong with it in my opinion.


This woman involved in a domestic task is smiling. I find I rarely smile when involved in such tasks.


Perhaps she has found an answer to the problem troubling me when I must spend hours of precious time on such tasks. I loathe housework. I do it because I must but this week I have another reason to think of housework as one my least favourite activities. My vacuum cleaner bit me. Well, not literally bit me but because it is heavy and cumbersome with a wicked will of its own it fell over yanking me with it. I ended up sprawled on the kitchen floor. No real harm done except I hurt my back. A couple of aspirins ought to fix the problem or so I thought.

Three hours later and after I’d taken some stronger pain killers I realised that wasn’t the case. I couldn’t sit down without pain nor could I stand for any length of time without pain. As I have a lot of work to do this has been a problem. I’ve managed to meet the deadlines I needed to and do the other usual chores but I struggled to sit at my desk for more than about half an hour.

Fortunately the injury is now healed and I am no longer squeaking each time I sit or stand and so I can work at the things I enjoy.

Housework and I will never agree but I have made myself a promise to be more careful in the future and try not to injure myself while cleaning up.

I am glad to say there will be another episode of Rewriting the Law in the next edition of Sexy to Go and I will post a Sexy Snippet from it for you next weekend.

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