Time for Tarot and an example. The four of Wands

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 The four of wands a delightful card that I’m always pleased to see appeared for this post.

This delightful image is from the Gilded Tarot pack. Click the image to buy.

GildedTarotFourofWandsThis card offers good news in a reading and a sense of celebration. The suit of wands here deals with creativity and communication. Some good news is on its way to the person for whom the reading is being done. They may just be lucky and benefit from fate taking a hand or it might be the result of their own hard work and dedication, either way they have a happy time to come.

Just recently my friend the author Carmen Stefanescue shared a lovely surprise she’d received with me. You can take a peek at it here. http://introspectivepress.blogspot.ro/2015/07/international-authors-day-bloghop-2015.html?showComment=1436860877804#c228269357643195513

This was a delightful surprise for her and is just the kind of thing the four of wands might give you advance warning of.

I think the best place to see this card in a reading is in the future as it gives the person something they can look forward too.

Reversed Meaning

Even when reversed the four of wands carries much of its beneficial energy into a reading. That special moment or celebration may still occur but the reader should take into account other cards around the reversed four to discover any difficulties.

Thanks for Reading.

Daisy Banks

4 thoughts on “Time for Tarot and an example. The four of Wands

  1. Oh, inteeeeeresting!
    However, I’d so much wish the good news for me to be linked for an acceptance of the submission I sent last week. It would be awesome.
    What a great card. Can’t we make a set of cards made of only good ones? ( joking, of course). Thanks for the reading and mentioning me here!

    • Good luck with your submission. I do hope it’s accepted. Yes, sometimes I too wish only the good cards would come up, but life and the tarot aren’t like that. Thanks for commenting, Carmen.

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