A Blooming Lovely Monday. Honeysuckle.

Welcome to A Blooming Lovely Monday.

My chosen plant today is the Honeysuckle.


If you have this climbing plant in your garden I can guaranteelike me you will enjoy its powerful fragrance. The honey sweet nectar attracts Hawk moths who feed on the flowers. Other names for honeysuckle are Irish vine, woodbine; fairy trumpets, honeybind, trumpet flowers, goat leaf and sweet suckle.

Ancient lore says if honeysuckle grows around your door it will bring good luck, prevent evil and your family will be protected from evil spirits. Some say if you bring honeysuckle inside your home as a cut flower it will bring you wealth, but others warn not to bring this flower indoors. Some say if honeysuckle is brought in doors a wedding will shortly follow and yet, in the past young girls were forbidden to collect this sweet scented flower and bring it indoors. They were told the blossom would bring them sinful (erotic) dreams. I wonder how many maidens were tempted to sneak a bloom inside and sleep with it under their pillow.

Honeysuckle has medicinal uses and in the past was used to treat headaches, colds, flu, fever, aches, pains, arthritis, asthma and rheumatism. The treatments were made from the flowers or the leaves of the honeysuckle, never the berries as they are highly toxic.

If you don’t have this plant in your garden and are thinking of getting one I would say be careful where you plant it because honeysuckle climbs and spreads quickly, but I do think it is a lovely addition to a garden.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks

6 thoughts on “A Blooming Lovely Monday. Honeysuckle.

  1. This has to be one of my my most favorite scents, and whenever I smell it, I immediately think of summer. I remember when my husband I were dating, he’d take me home at night on the back of his motorcycle, and the smell of honeysuckle on was just so vibrant on a twilight evening. Positively adore this scent!

  2. A lovely, fragrant flower. I enjoy thier smell. I had no idea bout all the lore around it. Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely week, Daisy!

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