Sexy Snippets from Rewriting the Law.

Welcome to Sexy Sunday Snippets.


Every week the Nuthouse Scribblers set authors a challenge to produce 7 sexy sentences from a work in progress or published work. Mine today comes from my story Rewriting the Law.

This has been a lovely week but incredibly busy. If you’ve had a week like that too, I hope you can take five or ten minutes to chill out a bit and read this snippet.

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I am close to finishing Rewriting the Law, another section will appear in Sexy to Go 7 out soon. For today’s snippet I decided to take a section out of Part 1 which appears in Sexy to Go Volume 3. Enjoy

He stared into his female’s wide eyes, assessed her lips squeezed tight together as he lifted his palm and stroked her shimmering hair. She gave a little whimper. Exquisite. A new and hotter surge of lust thundered in his mating cock swelling it further than he’d dreamed might be possible. He inhaled her rare fragrance again. No trace of maleness told of a prior claim. Truly, she wasn’t owned, well, that was about to change right now.

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