Something different. The alternative to noodle sandwiches.

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Here I have a little tale for you and something on the recipe pages. Check out Carot and Coriander soup.


A while ago my youngest son headed off to university. Truly it was a wrench to let the baby go but I tried to make sure he was well prepared. He knew how to cook some of the meals he liked and he had some budget recipes in case he got short of money.

He decided he wanted a mess tin to cook in not saucepans and as it seemed to make sense we got a good quality mess tin. The tale of that will come later.

I had several phone calls with my son where he assured me he was fine in his student lodgings. I had no worries at the end of his first term when I went to collect him.

Knowing you may be eating breakfast, lunch or dinner, or even a snack, I will not inflict on you the description of his student digs. Five guys together, with not a care in the world but where to find the nearest and cheapest source of alchol, doesn’t make for a well kempt house. I did wonder if they were trying to discover a new life form in their kitchen and wasn’t brave enough to attempt a peek at the bathroom.

What I did discover is that my darling boy had lost weight, quite a bit of it. The reason was, becasue as he shame faced admited, he’d spent his money at the bar and lived on noodle sandwiches for the last ten days.

I was horrified at his gaunt appearance and once we’d loaded the car and made our way mostly back to the house, I pulled over at a good cavery I knew. There he had a dinner of roast meats, yorkshire pudding, and as many veggies as he could cram on his plate.

I swear he looked a healthier colour at the end of the meal than the beginning. He also told me he’d not be crazy enough to try to live on noodle sandwiches again.

The recollection of that incident remains strong and is one of the reasons for my recipe pages. Cheap, simple and easy to make. There is another recipe up on the cooking pages. If you think your baby might be trying to live on noodle sandwiches get them to take a peek.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks

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6 thoughts on “Something different. The alternative to noodle sandwiches.

  1. Hm! This is typical ‘kids’. what your boy did.
    As about the recipe, I read it on its page and it sounds indeed easy to make and tasty.
    Thanks fro sharing!

  2. Well, I admit I had to google cavery as I’d never heard that term before. Your carrot and coriander soup sounds delicious, much better than noodle sandwiches, I had to chuckle over your reference to the guys trying to discover a new life form in the kitchen. So like guys, LOL.

    Congrats again on Christmas Carols. I can’t wait to read it!

    • Thanks for commenting, Mae. I didn’t realise the term wasn’t well known. Yes, those guys must have had strong constitutions, believe me.

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