Time for Tarot. Ace of Wands.

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The card I am looking at today is the Ace of Wands. The suit of wands is associated with the element of air and creativity. The energy the ace can bring can be full on.

ace of wands

This image is from the Gilded Tarot. Click the card to buy a pack.

I was pleased to select this card for today’s post. Wands speak of energy and link to the creation of new ideas. This can cover a multitude of activities but this is a strong symbol for the force of creative ideas being powerful for the person for whom a reading might be made. This card offers an indication of the flash and spark of ideas generated within, the burn of passion for getting something from in you head into physical form, a blueprint, a poem, a painting, a design, or even a book.

New beginnings are joyful things though sometimes they can cause a little trepidation. Can you make this happen? Will the idea work? If you find this card in a person’s reading then chances are whatever creative ideas they are having will work out well.


When reversed it is almost as if the creative energies this card carries are going the wrong way, or that the person has so much they are trying to accomplish that power and clarity are both diminished. They need to consider priorities and ways to deal with anything that is frustrating them in their attempts to make progress. Space must be made to let the energy in and allow it to flow for creation to take place.

Each of these posts is a kind of taster and I would suggest you research the Tarot futher if you find it interests you.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks


6 thoughts on “Time for Tarot. Ace of Wands.

    • Thanks for commenting, Mae. I hope the card references me I must admit. I always pick a card and rarely ever need to draw two when I write these post, so hopefully I
      will be in for a time when the words pour like water.

  1. Wow, wow! I love this card for its positive meaning especially that it’s linked to creativity. You are favored by the ‘Muse’ it seems.
    Thank you for the reading, Daisy!

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