An apology and some news.

My apologies to those of you who have checked the blog the last few days and found nothing for you. I have been away from my desk a lot as my Mom has been in hospital. She went in on Friday last week, had surgery Saturday morning and I was with her for a lot of time.

Thankfully Mom is now out of hospital and at home recovering. I will be blogging both here and at in the next couple of days. I am due up at Silken Sheets tomorrow.

My news is to share with you a link to the lovely review for Marked for Magic you can find here.

I’d also like to present to you the latest cover in the Sexy to Go monthly compilation of stories. My story is Rewriting the Law.

Sexy To Go 6For a short time you can get Sexy to Go Volume 6 for 99 cents. There are eleven hot stories for you. Truly a bargain.


6 thoughts on “An apology and some news.

  1. Hi, Daisy. So sorry to hear about your mother. I hope the surgery helped and that you are both doing better. Congrats on yet another release.
    And Carmen’s review of Marked for Magic was absolutely wonderful. Congratulations!

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