Time for Tarot. Eight of Pentacles.

Time for Tarot.

pents08This image is from the Rider Waite Tarot. To buy this pack click the image.

The card today is the eight of Penatacles and it popped up in the future position in a reading. The suit of Pentacles in the tarot usually deals with financial aspects, business or work. I was pleased to see this card as it signifies putting effort into a project, learning new skills and implementing them. Presently I am involved in doing something rather different and this card tells me I am on the right track to achieve my aims. All I have to do is remain focused like the image of the man on the card. I must pay attention to the details, work hard and be diligent in what I do. After the last few grim cards this is a bit of relief. This is also a good card to show progress in a project.

Reversed meaning.

If you should draw this card reversed it still carries a good meaning, but also a warning that you need to examine your level of effort in a what you are doing. Are you giving it your best shot? If not the results might not be what you hope for.

As ever with these posts I recommend researching the cards yourself if they interest you as I only cover basic elements to them.

My next post on the tarot will look at some cards that compliment each other when they appear together.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks


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