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A short post today on how you might lay out your cards in a reading.

There are lots of supertitions about using the Tarot. I think as long as you treat the cards with respect they will work for you. I have never asked anyone to cross my palm with silver. I allow the questioner to shuffle the deck and select their cards too, unless I do a remote reading, which I have once or twice. I do keep my cards in a black silk bag. I sometimes use incense when I do a reading and I always offer thanks for guidance.

I have found the most complex thing of all, is not the cards themselves, but the questions you ask of them. Framing a question for the cards takes practise. I will say it’s not much good asking the cards if the numbers you have chosen will the lottery or if you will achieve fame and fortune this week. That’s not because the cards don’t work but because those questions are the wrong kind.

In the past I have asked direct questions about things and sometimes got quite direct answers, but over the years I have learned to use the Tarot I have found questions asking for guidance work much better.

An example might be to ask for guidance on the new job you want to apply for. Think of you question as you shuffle the deck of cards. Some people say you should do that left over right, or that you should shuffle seven times only. I don’t think the cards are quite that sensitive, so don’t worry about how you shuffle them. If a card falls as you are shuffling take a look at it as it may will have meaning for you. When you are ready cut the deck.

To lay out your reading select cards from the top. Do be careful not to turn them upside down as you set them down. One of the simplest readings to do is the past, present, future three card reading.

                                Past                         Present                Future.

Read each card. If you need a book to remind you of meanings it is fine to use a book to look up each card but also use your instinct and gut feelings for what is shown. I have found this method useful for personal readings and readings for other people. Good luck if you try doing a reading. Let me know how you get on.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks



5 thoughts on “Time for Tarot. Card Layouts.

  1. Ah, the ole cross palms with silver– yeh,not so good unless it happens to be an authentic part of your cultural life. I do like the simple spreads when reading for someone else, and then if things are unclear, one or more cards can always be added. It’s illustrative to use elaborate spreads for oneself from time to time, isn’t it? Great advice you give here. Thanks so much.

    • Thanks for commenting, Flossie. I agree with you about the simple spreads being useful tools. The larger spreads can sometimes leave people confused about meaning.

  2. Interesting post, Daisy. Also interesting that you mentioned superstitions associated with Tarot. I’m finding I am a highly superstitious person (more so than I ever realized)!

  3. Thank you for these useful tips. I totally agree with you that we must treat the objects we use in any form of divination or scrying with respect and care. I gave up trying to learn Tarot reading but I will keep reading all your interesting posts on it. Have a lovely weekend!

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