Tuesday Treat. Something from Sexy to Go Volume 5.

nice strawberry ladyToday’s Tuesday Treat is something I am enjoying writing. The serialised story of Rewriting the Law, available in Sexy to Go. Volume 5 has this in it. Enjoy the excerpt.

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He handed her the belt he’d cut off her earlier. How angular and sharp the casings appeared. She fumbled at the attachments but found the small vial of restorative, opened it and took a sip. A flush of warmth went to her aching muscles and soothed her scorched calf. Strength filled her and gave her hope. She closed the tiny bottle.
“What is that?” he asked.
“A kind of healing.” She pointed to her injured leg.
“Hmm, I see you need it. I apologize for your discomfort. I’ve no wish that you should suffer pain in any way, my mate. I’d have brought it to you sooner had I understood your need. I apologize for being inattentive. It will never happen again. Is there anything else you want from this?” He held up her belt.
The vial in her hand, she shook her head and sat back down on the bed. There was little else on the belt that would do any good. The instant sleep, she’d used while avoiding the strange desert creatures before she found this little settlement. The only other weapon she carried was the sort she could never use on Ansgar.
This wasn’t a life and death situation and she’d not be able to live with such a waste if this male had to die. Strong, fit and healthy, handsome, too, a fine specimen of his species, logic insisted he must live. All her senses demanded she kiss him, but she controlled the errant requirement.
“Good, then the belt can go for rejuvenation. Let me have the healing liquid and I’ll put it with the medicines downstairs. I swear, my jewel, I will take care of you and understand when you need more of it.” He took the small tube from her and left the room.
Moments later he returned with a narrow glowing circlet in his hands, along with some shimmering fabric. “I wanted to tell you as soon as you woke. I walked to the commission offices while you slept and you are now registered to me under the name Elana,” he said and smiled. “This makes it official.” He held up the collar so she could see the thin tracery of letters.
“Impossible,” she whispered, but he ignored her, lifted her to her feet and turned her around. His powerful hands were so strangely gentle and the simple contact with his skin made her lean toward him in an effort to elicit more of his caresses. The light filled collar fitted perfectly when he set it around her neck. Softly the glowing circlet rested cool, almost weightless on her skin. A pulse of energy flowed from it. His hands were just as gentle when he turned her back toward him.
She ran her tongue over her lips in anticipation, as a small smile evident, he tilted his head to the side and he pulled her into his embrace.
“Elana, my beautiful jewel. My mate,” he whispered.

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