Time for Tarot. The ten of swords.


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Welcome to Time for Tarot.

The card I am looking at today is the ten of swords. The suit of sword often offers warnings about difficult situations to people. This is the ultimate in my opinion.

The image is uncompromising and brutal. Whenever I see this card my first thought is, the end, though as ever with the tarot the questioner is asked to look at themselves.

So, if your questioner draws this card, what can you say? A battle has been fought in one way or another, it could be financial, emotional, something in a work setting, your questioner will know depending on what they have asked for guidance about. The battle has not gone well. In fact the questioner is looking at defeat. This is a time to assess what can be done to overcome the loss, pain, fear or concern. The questioner may have trusted in a person or idea not worthy of them and has to rise from this situation. This card represents the lowest point, things can and will get better in the future. I always hope to see more encouraging cards following this one in a reading as that gives the question some ideas for how they can move forward. Letting go of a situation the questioner may have put much time and energy into is never easy, but it is possible.

Reversed meaning.

The reversed meaning of this card is far more encouraging than the upright meaning. It shows the person has been through a challenge and has dealt with its impact. They have discovered how to overcome the issues and are able to continue.

As ever with these posts I’d encourage you to discover more about the Tarot if you are interested in it as there is greater depths to the cards than I can offer in a short post like these.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks


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  1. Oh, goodness. I think this is worse than Death card. But ups and downs are the normal course of life for many of us. Thank you for the reading!

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