Time for Tarot. Four of cups.

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The card today is the five of cups.

gilded_cups_5This card is from the Gilded Tarot pack. Click the image to buy.

This image says a great deal. The hunched shoulders and bowed head shows us an image of sad contemplation. When this card appears it indicates a time of sorrow, sadness, regret and one possibility is the break-up of a relationship. The person who the reading is for may feel they wish to fight the heartache represented by the spilled cups and be full of anxiety.

The card does hold out hope for the future as behind him two cups still stand. The sky in the distance is lighter too, a promise of a new dawn for the one stricken with sadness.

Reversed meaning.

This is one card that it is better to get reversed as the meaning changes bringing a more positive note to the sadness or bitter experience the person the reading is for has suffered. The card reversed shows the person is ready to move on from their sorrow and make progress toward brighter times.

If you find the tarot interesting I would suggest you research more about it as the meanings I give here are basic and there is more to discover.

Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Time for Tarot. Four of cups.

  1. Yes, the feeling it suggests is disappointment, failure. Hm! I wouldn’t like to see it in a reading. Thanks for the explanation!

    • Thanks for comemnting, Carmen. Yes, I wasn’t very pleased to draw this card but I know why it’s there. Things can only slowly improve.

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