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SexyToGo5_2D_HighResEach Sunday I take part with other authors in the Nuthouse Scribblers challenge to offer seven sexy sentences from either a work in progress or a published work.

This week has flown by and I’ve been very busy antiquing. I’ve got a little snippet for you though, despite all the rushing around. This is from the next part to my story Rewriting the Law part of the Sexy to Go collections. Volume 5 is out this coming week. Enjoy.

He grasped her arm, gentle still even in his anger, for if he were not he’d crush her soft bones to powder. “Say nothing,” he warned and pulled her toward him. “As I explained in my earlier instruction, if you disobey me, my mate, you will be punished by chastisement. The law here is clear, and you will be governed by it, as I am. There is a whole book of ancient law which seems to have worked well for most owners of females over the centuries. Delicate as you are, you’ll learn you’re no different. I will discipline you.”

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