Time for Tarot. Death.

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Welcome to Time for Tarot. Today I am looking at one of the cards I know causes people most discomfort or concern. First off, the meaning is very rarely a warning of impending death and those who read the Tarot are counselled to reassure people it does not mean their physical death. The cards do not set the future for an individual instead they offer guidance in many situations.

This card forbidding as it appears, this rendition is from the Gilded Tarot, one of my favourite decks, is a harbinger of major change and the sweeping away of old ideas or ways of life. Neither concept is comfortable to many people but they may find a newer future after the change more to their liking.

Changes and transitions happen to us all and though we may attempt to resist such things and cling to the security of the known, for even if a situation isn’t perfect, it may seem preferable to taking a step into the unknown. We all struggle to accept that sometimes change is good for us and it takes considerable courage to accept major alterations to our lives. I have often seen cards such as Courage or an upright seven of wands appear with the Death card, these are signs that the person the reading is for will have the fortitude necessary to cope with whatever changes may come.

Death Reversed.

When this card appears reversed it still indicates change but perhaps at a less acute level than if the card is upright.

As ever with these post I am offering basic ideas behind the cards. If you find them interesting I would suggest you research them more fully.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks


8 thoughts on “Time for Tarot. Death.

  1. Indeed, Tarot Death card does not need be a bad card, just end of one thing and the beginning of a new one. And, after all, if we think right, even the end of the physical life is a transition to another stage. I do believe in life after death, reincarnation, so it’s just a new phase in our evolution.
    Thank you for the reading, Daisy!

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