Marked for Magic visits Eva LeFoy

MarkedForMagic-1Today my Marked for Magic Tour visits with my friend Eva LeFoy.

Do drop by and enjoy.

Your taste of palmistry today is all about one of the types of patterns you might find in you finger prints. To see these clearly you will probably have to do a proper print on paper using ink.

The Loop

The loop is the most common type of finger print. It looks, like a wave. A loop shows the individual to have an agreeable, easy-going and adaptable mindset. People with a lot of loops get on well with everyone. If you have a set of them, you are very adaptable to new social situations. A sociable individual you enjoy connecting with others.

I’d love to know if you have a set of loops or perhaps just one finger with a loop pattern. It’s not uncommon to have a mixed set of prints. I’ll tell you about some of the others soon.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks

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2 thoughts on “Marked for Magic visits Eva LeFoy

  1. Oh, I have them, I have them. Almost on all fingers of left hand. Very difficult to see though. And I am a sociable person who adapts easily to all kind of situations.

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