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A little palmistry for you.

Today I am looking at what are sometimes called affection lines or marriage lines. Some readers refer to them as sexuality lines but I don’t think that’s quite right. These are markers of important life changing connections in my view.

You might need a magnifying glass to find these as sometimes they are difficult to spot. Turn your palm so you are looking at the percussion edge. Just below your Mercury finger, the little finger, you will find one or two, maybe three or four horizontal lines. These illustrate the important serious relationships in you life. They usually marriages or partners with whom you will live and share life. If you have one deep clear line you will have a very happy serious relationship with someone, two lines similar but two serious relationships, and so on. If the line is broken it usually means the relationship will end in some way.

I love to know more about palms. Take a peek and see if you have affection or marriage lines and it they are right so far in your life.

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4 thoughts on “Marked for Magic is at thewholeshebang today.

  1. This one I can claim….a single deep strong line. I met my husband in high school so I shouldn’t be surprised. He’s always been my soul mate 🙂

  2. Awesome! You are absolutely right. I have 2 lines — one thinner and though not really interrupted– it was my 1st marriage that ended in divorce. The second one, deeper and prominent as my second marriage has been going for 39 years.

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