Marked for Magic visits Cindy Fazzi


Today Marked for Magic visits the blog and face book page of the talented author Cindy Vazzi.

Do stop by and say hello.

Palmistry for today.

Rascettes or bracelets.

 Rascette or bracelet lines are one of the minor lines on the hand which give information about wealth, health, and travel.  The rascettes are the rings between the wrist and the palm. Parallel and clearly marked rascettes are said to mean a healthy, wealthy, long and peaceful life. Chain like top rascettes means ultimate happiness after a difficult life. Most people have two racscettes some lucky people have three. It ias said each rascette stands for between 23 to 28 years of life but I have to say I haven’t researched that myself.

Take a peek and see how many racettes you have.

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2 thoughts on “Marked for Magic visits Cindy Fazzi

  1. Oh. it’s getting more and more interesting! Thank you!!!!
    I have 2 distinct but there’s also a line between them, somehow connecting them, and another thinner one bellow that starts from the one above! Hm!
    I can’t read your other post today as I have no fb personal page. Just for my book.

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