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My Marked for Magic Tour has a rest day today so I can share a snippet from

Rewriting the Law, my story in Sexy to Go. Vol 4.

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The monthly Sexy to Go complilations has some of the hottest tales around each written especially to please. I was thrilled my sci-fi based story was accepted for it. Here is your snippet from the next section of Rewriting the Law which will appear in next month’s Sexy to Go. Enjoy.

Her muscles bunched solid with her deep intake of breath. “Savage,” she snapped.

Would she attempt to attack? If she did, he’d change his mind and make her howl when he spanked her. A laugh of defeat left him. Oh, by Kobis’s balls he wouldn’t do more than give her cause for those little gasps that made his cock strain for the heat of her to surround it. Right now, the law seemed unimportant, because he wanted to see her smile before he did enough for her to close those beautiful eyes in dreaming pleasure.

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