Marked for Magic visits Flossie Benton Rogers.

MarkedForMagic-1My Marked for Magic blog tour continues today with a visit to Flossie Benton Rogers. Come find me here and also take a peek at Flossies latest amazing story.

Please allow for time zone differences.

Something new for you too. Today a new feature starts at Silken Sheets and Seduction.

Six lines of sultry sexiness. I’ve just added mine. Do check this feature out.


Main Palm linesAnd finally, a bit of palmistry for you.

Take a look at you little finger, the pinky as some call it. Is the finger straight or does it curve toward your Apollo finger, the ring finger? Those with curved little fingers are more likely to take a gamble and more likely to have the gift of the gab, they can also be economical with the truth when it suits them. Let me know if you have this feature.

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