Marked for Magic visits Sotia Lazu.

MarkedForMagic-1Today my Marked for Magic Tour is visiting with the amazing and talented author

Sotia Lazu.

You can find me here.

There is a little palmistry and an excerpt from Marked for Magic for you to enjoy.

Palmistry tip for today.

Knotty knuckles. Take a peek at your knuckles. Are they smooth and delicate or a bit lumpy and bumpy? If they are prominent and a bit knotty this usually means you have a philosophical kind of mind, your instincts and intellect work well together.

Do let me know if you have those kind of knuckles.

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4 thoughts on “Marked for Magic visits Sotia Lazu.

  1. It seems it’s not the case for me. I mean philosophical. Mine are smooth and delicate. What does it mean? Thanks for another bit of info!

    • Thanks for commenting, Carmen. Smooth knuckles often go with the water palm. They usually signify an intuitive person who makes decisions on feeling, a dreamy kind of person who doesn’t always analyse but tends to jump in. They can also mean you have a meticulous approach to your wardrobe, enjoy being dressed with some panache and style. I wonder if any of that is right for you. Let me know if it is.

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