The Air Hand.

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You bit of palmistry today.

This is the last section on hand or palm types. Today the air hand. You can recognise the air hand by it being long and narrow, with a long palm and long fingers with long nails.The thumb may well be low set. It is  usually a very elegant and graceful hand on both men and women. This long palm will have some deeply etched lines, usually the main lines but it will also have many other lighter lines.

The air hand shows a person who has an active mind and spends a lot of time thinking through their ideas. They may well also be a restless individual. Air hand people enjoy study and will take up new ideas and interests throughout their lives. They enjoy a challenge in all aspects of their life.

Air handed people are quick, intelligent, think fast and can become bored easily if they don’t have the right level of challenge. Air handed people are also the ones most likely to take an interest in psychic or paranormal things.

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  1. Thank you for all the palm explaining! I pinned them for rereading all the info.

    • There is more to come, Carmen. More on the blog posts on the tour and more here. I am glad you are enjoying the posts. Thank you
      for your support I am grateful.

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