Marked for Magic Tour

MarkedForMagic-1Today my tour spends the day with Liza O’Connor before moving off tomorrow to visit Diane Saxon. There is a guest post here tomorrow.

 A bit of palmistry for you.

Hand types. The Earth Hand.

This hand type is an easy one to spot. The palm is square and there are few clear lines. The fingers are quite thick. This is the practical hand, the hand of a doer. Earth hand people are capable, responsible, serious and sometimes stubborn. They will persevere with a task and be comfortable doing so. They are happiest when dealing with physical actualities, the tangible and here and now. They prefer to use tried and tested methods of doing things. If an earth hand person is your friend you can depend upon them.

Do take a peek at your palm. Do you see anything of the earth hand there? Let me know.

Thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks

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4 thoughts on “Marked for Magic Tour

    • Thanks for commenting, Mae. Yes, I’ll be doing the air hand tomorrow. Perhaps you have a mixed hand, where there are several different elements put together.
      That happens soemtimes.

  1. After reading 3 of the posts on palms, I see mine is the water type palm! Hm, interesting.I can hardly wait to read more. Thanks for these highly informative posts, Daisy!

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